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At Sambecketts we take an integrated approach to online marketing.  Using the internet to market your product will give your company the best possible chance to achieve high visibility across the search engines and thus sell or promote your product and services.
Our integrated online marketing approach is used to cast as wide as net as possible for our clients and uses the following:
  • SEO – search engine optimisation
  • PPC – Pay Per Click – Adwords campaigns
  • Online PR – creation and submission management of press releases
  • Back linking – the creation of quality external links to your site from external sites
  • Banner advertising - design and management
  • Social media - creation and management

The benefits for companies using online marketing


As a communication channel:

  • An information exchange between sellers and buyers. - For accessing, organising, and communicating information
  • To improve interactivity and the perceptual experience
  • To gather information about customers via surveys and competitions for new product development, new services and introduction, relationship building and personalisation

As a transaction channel: sales activities:

  • To improve visibility and reach a much wider customer base.
  • To improve revenues by exploiting cross-selling opportunities.
  • To streamline transaction processing, thereby reducing task complexity, paperwork and transaction costs.
  • To customise promotion and sales to individual customers and improve flexibility


As a distribution channel: physical exchange of products and services.

  • To eliminate huge inventories, storage costs, utilities, and space rental, etc
  • To shorten supply chain and reduce commission and operating costs
The ability to serve as both a transaction and physical distribution medium for certain goods is a unique feature of Internet marketing.


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