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How to flourish in the online and mobile marketplace

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business, a trading individual, an organisation, charity or self publicist, the phenomenal growth in online activity has left most people feeling they are constantly in the process of catching-up. 
The good news is, you are not alone, and it's not too late.
We have been one of the pioneers in this movement, having created, built and managed countless websites since we began in business 11 years ago.  Even we have to continuously adapt and change to keep step with trends and new ideas. 
So, is it important for your organisation to be a part of the conversation?  We believe it is and that it becomes ever-more necessary year by year.
So how to start getting your online ‘personality’ fit for business and ready to capitalise in this exciting new marketplace?
5 simple steps for online marketing - Sambecketts


Here is a simple 5 step guide to making it happen:


  1. Take proper advice from people who know what they’re talking about. 
  2. Be prepared to change and embrace new thinking to improve your marketing.
  3. Don’t try to out-geek the geeks. Think in simple terms about what you want to achieve and find partners to work with who are prepared to listen, translate this new language to you in straightforward words, as well as advise.
  4. Ask for demonstrable evidence of previous successes from your web company.  If they are worth their salt they will be able to tell you what they’ve done for others, how it was done and how it has worked.
  5. Find a web marketing partner you feel comfortable working with.  This is going to be a long-term friendship and you need to enjoy the process of working together, rather than finding it a tiresome adjunct to your already busy life.

Do any of these relate to you?


I already have a site but it is out of date and needs a complete overhaul


You just need to give us a call and arrange to have a meeting.  The first thing we need to do is to assess your current situation and listen.  Once we have understood your requirements we can make a few recommendations and give you a price for building a new site. 

All of our websites are CMS sites.  CMS stands for CONTENT MANAGEMENT SITES which in plain English means you will be able to change the content on the website once it is built.  If you can use WORD then you will be able to learn how to do that in one short training session. It puts you in control of your site and means you can be flexible and reactive as well as being dynamic and proactive.
Have a look at these pages to get a feel for some of the sites we have built and see if you like the range of styles enough to give us a chance to pitch for your work.  We would love to come and see you.

I don’t have a website and I really need one now

We love working with start-up businesses to get you going.  Our capabilities extend beyond the web.  We also design logos, corporate stationary, brochures and all other forms of print media.  So you will be able to rely on a coherent approach to your marketing materials, if you need more than just a website.  If you only need a website then we can do that without fuss and stay with you throughout the process to make sure you feel seen, heard and understood.
Sometimes established, successful businesses need a first website too.  They may have missed the first wave of internet activity and have now come to realise its importance.  We can guide you through launching your first website, step by step, and make sure that we protect the goodwill you already have with complementary and sympathetic online profiles.  You just need to call us for an exploratory meeting. We always listen carefully before advising and you’ll find us friendly, easy to deal with, as jargon-free as we can be and unpatronising.

I have a site which I am happy with but it isn’t making me any money or bringing in new business

We work with companies and organisations like yours.  We aren’t the sort of agency which only wants your work if it involves the Full Monty.  If you’re happy with your site but recognise that it isn’t bringing in a return then we are happy to review the site and see if we can make recommendations about how to make a difference.
Take a look at our online marketing page which details the activities which this challenge often involves.  Sometimes there are some simple things you can do to beef-up response from your customers, supporters, community etc.  Sometimes the issue is more complex and will involve a systematic approach working with people who know how to increase your share and reach.  It is impossible to judge without knowing the current situation so we always recommend a meeting in the first instance to get a feel for your hopes and aspirations for the site.  We are then able to give you a realistic assessment of those aspirations and outline what it might cost to realise them.  Either way we will offer you our suggestions with respect, knowledge and patience.

I have a small business and this all sounds rather big and scary

Launching your business or organisation online doesn’t need to be quite as scary as it might seem. You may have seen by now that we work with some pretty big organisations.  But remember, we also work with one-man bands too, as well as micro, small and medium-sized businesses.  The truth is that Facebook employs less staff than many businesses in the UK which turnover less than a million pounds.  So we don’t place any emphasis on size.  We treat every business, however small or large it is, with the same levels of respect and attention to detail.
We also realise that being small can sometimes mean that budgets are incredibly tight.  Before we can make any sort of judgement we would need to have a word with you.  Just pick up the ‘phone and give us a call.  You’ll see that we are not difficult to deal with and because we have worked with so many small businesses over the years you will find we have learnt a few good tips for helping your business, either online or offline.

We are a serious player and want grown-up advice to take things to the next level

We cover everything from database-driven, highly optimisable CMS sites through to the far reaches of trending Social Media content creation and delivery.  If you are ready to start competing online with a systematic and scientific approach we would love to talk with you.  You will find breakdowns of the various component parts for this ‘science’ littered throughout our site but in an attempt to keep the site manageable we haven’t necessarily gone into the Nano-world of day-parting and the like. 
We create and manage campaigns in SEO, Pay-per-click, Adword campaigns, Social media, Twitter management, back-linking, online PR and all other forms of digital marketing consultancy.  If you would like to invite us in for a chat we would love to learn more about your business or organisation and set-out our capabilities as you search for the right digital marketing partner to drive you forwards.



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