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Our culture

Our culture has developed from a relentless focus on clients and making a positive difference to their business, organisation or mission.
In order for this to succeed we place great emphasis on building a creative atmosphere to work in.  We are geared towards working in the 21st century using relevant and advanced technologies.  We have a long list of clients these days and take great comfort in how many of them have been with us from the beginning.  We find that many of our clients become friends over-time - and this is because we value respect, hard work, good humour and a willingness to work as part of a team.
We like to embrace change and stay flexible.  None of us thrive well in badly-lit, office environments.  We prefer to work long hours at times which produce the most acute work, rather than as part of an archaic model introduced in a pre-Victorian era. 
As one leading Brazilian entrepreneur puts it ‘If I can answer emails at 4am in the morning then I don’t see why I can’t take my son to the cinema on a Monday afternoon’
Many of our clients have commented in the past, when they find an email from us timed at 3.30am, but that is just the Sambecketts way and it appears to be working so we’re sticking with it :)
Our consultants work from home in Dorset and the South West as well as occasionally from abroad.  We communicate daily through various online channels and each person brings a specialist understanding in their own discipline.  The senior management team is based in Dorset and regularly travels to clients throughout the UK for necessary meetings.
We believe in excellence above location and since communication has changed, for our model of working to be possible, we have taken advantage to find the best talent there is in order to offer clients outstanding service without having to ramp-up prices to offset high, flashy, office overheads.
We have clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Australasia
Our team has worked with each other for many years and has a mutual respect and trust in each other’s abilities and knowledge.

In summary our business is:

  • Technologically cultured
  • Dynamic
  • Real
  • Honest
  • Family-friendly
  • Hard-working
  • Well-mannered
  • Patient


Happy to chat... find us on skype 'hellosambecketts'
or search skype by our email address
Happy to listen... call us +44 (0) 1258 839118
Please feel free to email us with any thoughts or questions -
we are open, friendly and ready.


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