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Is Pinterest the next Social Media game changer?

Published on Wednesday, Feb 1 2012


What is it?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site which allows members to create bulletin boards called ‘pinboards’ to pin up things of interest that they find on the web.
According to Experian Hitwise women account for some 58% of users and recently the site appears to have reached a tipping point such that it is now driving significant traffic to retailers’ sites.

Here is a user example:

A user creates a pinboard called ‘my wedding’.  They then pin up all sorts of wedding-related pictures with links, almost like creating a digital scrapbook.  This becomes visible to other pinterest users. Other people who are planning their wedding browse and find the ‘my wedding’ pinboard. They see something they like – follow the link – and hey presto – marketing 21st century style.

A few facts and stats:

The site brought in 7.5 million unique visitors during December 2011
Conversion rates are hard to quantify at this stage but the implication is that the site is becoming a serious player in online retail sales channels
Top referral traffic sites in order of superiority:
1. Facebook
2. You tube
3. Twitter
4. Yahoo
5. Pinterest
Bear in mind, in overall terms, traffic from referral sites is still led by search engines:
1. Search engines
2. Other retailers
3. Social networking and forums (such as Pinterest, Facebook etc.)
4. Email
5. Rewards and other directories
Browsers can share pins on Facebook and Twitter
The growth in Social Media marketing continues to challenge businesses as they work to keep their products and services in relevant spaces to attract and excite customers. If you would like to talk to us about managing your Social Media marketing take a look at this page and then please do give us a call.


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