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The power of good design

As consumers we all recognise the power of good design.  We may like to pretend that we are not influenced by it, and it is certainly true to say that it is only one part of the decision-making process. But it does have an impact and in competitive times where businesses are looking for creative ways to increase share and popularity, good design can be a very powerful driver.
If you want evidence you might like to think about the obverse.  Bad design can have a sapping, negative and demoralising impact on a business or organisation.  It plays directly into consumer fears that the brand or organisation has grown distant, care-less and tired.  It sends out signals of lethargy, whether those signals are true or not.
At Sambecketts we pride ourselves on delivering exciting, refreshing and appropriate good design for our clients.  We like to back-up our creative work with some critical thinking at the front-end of the process, paying careful, systematic attention to the competitor map and always look to find the right edge to cut through the media maze.
Here are five tips to finding the right design team to work with:
  1. Do they listen well? (Creativity should be an inspiring time, shared between client and designer, and nothing is less inspiring than trying to fight to be heard)
  2. Expect reliability – it might seem a mundane expectation when it comes to creative output but actually the reliability of your agency will be an invaluable asset during the process.
  3. Make sure they are versed in both print and digital design – in today’s climate it is almost always important that your designer can flow between on-and-offline worlds to strengthen the impact of your message.
  4. Expect reasonable humility – no one knows your business as well as you do. Even when you are seeking the creative spark you seek, to help you move forwards, it will still be important to find people who take the time and trouble to really understand your business.
  5. Be willing to listen to advice.  The best design work always comes from a mutual respect between agency and client, where one partner knows the detailed operational requirements and the other partner brings a wealth of exciting experience from other sectors. 

Do any of these relate to you?


I might need some marketing materials but I have never had to buy them before

It isn’t a problem if you are not used to buying the services we offer.  Firstly the control remains with you.  No doubt you are in the process of shopping around and we understand that.  You can take a little look around our website to see if you like the sort of work we can produce. 
Every job is different so the first thing we need to do is have a chat.  You can call us and we will talk you through the process.  Broadly it goes like this:  We discuss your requirements and send you examples of work we have done if that is what you want.  Sometimes we just go straight to the meeting stage and at that point we can show you examples and listen to what you are trying to achieve.  After that we normally drop you a line with our thoughts about how we would approach the job and what our fees are.  Assuming we can agree a price and timeline it’s very simple. 
We deliver treatments for the work – you approve or disapprove and we work until the project is completed to your satisfaction.  For print media (brochures, flyers, corporate stationary, exhibition boards etc.) we prefer to sort the print out at this end because we have a good relationship with our printers and can often negotiate a better price than you because of the amount we do with them.  Alternatively you can source your own print and after consultation we can normally work perfectly well with them to deliver your work.
Take a look here to catch a glimpse of what we do:


I want to know the range of services you can provide

We are a full service design agency so we can design anything you need printed. 
Here is a list of the most common print design jobs we do.  For our online design capabilities you need to check here.
If the item you are looking for isn’t in this list please pick up the ‘phone and call us.  We have kept this list to a manageable size but have the capability to design anything.
  • Logo design – corporate identity and all branding work
  • Corporate stationary (business cards, letterhead, compliment slip)
  • Brochures
  • Adverts (inc. Copywriting where necessary) for print
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Reports and accounting
  • Technical documents
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • CD and multimedia covers, inserts and booklets


I want to see some examples of design work

If you follow click here you will find a few examples of our extensive back catalogue of work.  If you feel we might be able to help you or want to find out more we will come to you and show you in more detail, the work we have undertaken for clients.


Web and Digital

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Good marketing is an investment,
rather than a cost.



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