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First impressions are important.
Developing branding for your identity is a critical aspect of making sure your customers, clients, supporters or community receives the right impression about who you are and what you do.
Some people mistake brand extensions (such as the logo etc.) to be ‘the brand’.  It isn’t.  Your brand is a much more complex entity and includes many other factors which go into communicating your message.
We design logos and corporate identities for numerous businesses and organisations but we approach this work with depth and understanding about the role that branding plays in helping your organisation to thrive.


5 ways to make your brand identity work better for you:


  1. Make sure the agency you are working with takes time to fully understand your product, mission or purpose and can demonstrate examples of successes they have achieved with clients they have worked with in the past or are working with today.
  2. Explore thoroughly the brand map which your business or organisation is placed on.  Simply designing a new ‘look’ without this level of attention will always result in a much less potent image and direction for your brand.
  3. Take advice at the front-end from a good agency about how to structure a successful brief for the work.  This can be as simple as having a call with them to ask about their approach.  This aspect of marketing is often inspiring and exciting so make sure you get the advice you need right from the start to make sure the process is enjoyable and productive.
  4. Have a clear idea about how your imagery interacts with other parts of your business such as product development, customer service, livery, uniforms, digital marketing and the other relevant aspects – each organisation is different but we can advise you if you want to have an informal chat.
  5. Be open-minded.  As a wise person once said ‘there isn’t one right answer, there are several right answers, the trick is to pick one and make it work for you.’


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